Tony F. Soza-Ray Martinez, Thunderbird Post 41


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Our Sponsors List contain the names of the our local businesses, large and small, commercial, industrial, educational and non-profit organizations, among others. These Sponsors unselfishly lend their support and financial assistance to enrich our community. Click on Sponsor's logo,  and you will be connected to Sponsor's web page.


We wish to extend our gratitude to Hickman's Family Farm for their support during our community Easter Egg Hunt, without their support we would have a difficult time providing for the children within our community, Thank You.



 These two organization's stepped up and provided support to our post when we were in dire need, we had lost our ability to serve our community and Veterans due to the Fuentes Hall roof issues that closed our doors, with their support we were able to make our facility operational to continue to serve as we had in the past sixty plus years.  Outstanding community support, the membership, our community and our veterans and their family extend our gratitude.